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What Can One Person Do About Global Warming?

by Apr 2, 20230 comments

For many years now, people have asked me: “What Can One Person Do About Global Warming?” Sometimes they follow with a question about my own climate engagement:  “How can you stay engaged and optimistic?”

Confession: I’m not always optimistic or even hopeful. But I decided some time ago that I did not need to be optimistic or hopeful to stay engaged in this vital work.

I DO see this as the challenge of our times: to be joyful and optimistic in the face of the reality of climate and ecological catastrophe.

How do we stay engaged and inspired?  It occurs to me that this is a very human question. It may even be a spiritual question–as it is almost the same question as “How do we live fully if we know we are going to die?”

The short answer: Fall in Love. Create. Connect.

Each of us must discover our own path, but we are not alone. As for me, I’ve developed a process that I personally return to again and again to stay creative, connected and inspired.

If you would like to join me, I’ve created a complimentary program where I share this process and some of the materials that keep me engaged in and inspired by this grand adventure. It’s entitled:

“What Can One Person Do? 30 Days of Climate Action and Inspiration”

This 30 day climate activation series answers the question “what can one person do?” and provides a framework for positive action in this time of climate catastrophe and ecosystem degradation.

What you’ll get:

  • A step-by-step approach to answering the above question for yourself
  • Tools and strategies for personal and collective action
  • Inspirational resources to help you get started and keep going

 The series is at

Breathable Future

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