Discovering Magic Within

Two years ago, I attended a business retreat with George Kao and it
was a life-changer–by far the most transformational business event I
have ever attended, bar none.  I was so excited about it that I decided
to convince George, renowned social media marketer-“Spiritpreneur”,
along with shadow-master Katie Curtin, to activate that powerful magic
at least once more.

So next month, George, Katie and I are co-hosting “Spiritpreneurs,” an intimate mastermind retreat that
will take place in Northern California from September 12-14, 2014.  The
event is for conscious entrepreneurs and innovators who are seeking an
authentic business model and inspired, true-to-the-soul, marketing.  If
you are willing to roll up your sleeves, go deep into your heart and
work on your true livelihood, then this event is for you.

realize that you probably have a lot going on, but if you want a truly
life-changing intensive I urge you to join us.  Together we will explore
generative, inspired business models–ones that I believe can transform
commerce over the next few years. The best part: you’ll discover magic
within YOU that can light your way forward.

I know , because it happened to me.

is going to be an amazing, bonding, and powerful experience for sure. 
Come join us and other select “Spiritpreneurs” to build a plan for your
own true livelihood business.  Apply here: