Entrepreneurs Can Heal the World

Entrepreneurs have a significant role to play in the great journey that’s taking place on the earth at this moment. This is true in part because we follow our hearts.  As Entrepreneurs, we are our own boss, we do what we do because we want to do it.   We create what we’re inspired to create and so with that freedom we have the opportunity to make a profound positive impact in the world and to play a unique role.  I love that my work is dedicated to empowering conscious entrepreneurs to make a good living doing what they were meant to be doing.

Why does making a good living matter?  Sadly, if you are not making a good living doing your work, you are in an unsustainable situation.  You might be forced to take a job doing something you don’t like, and that kills a bit of your soul.  Perhaps your work is not fully aligned with your purpose and may even negatively impact the planet.   Many of us compromise our deeper purpose and values to make a living.  We sacrifice what we really want to be doing in order to make money, to support ourselves and our families.     We tell ourselves the story that this is how it has to be and we end up with all kinds of compensating behaviors that happen when our dreams are deferred.

If you can discover a way to make a good living doing what you love, then the wind is at your back.  First, you are you’re naturally motivated–both to meet your financial and material needs and aligning with your desire to contribute and to be creative.  As we align our work with our creativity and purpose, we participate in a new story–making the difference we were born to make.

It’s Time to Get My Book Done–How About You?

 Time just flies when I’m trying to get something done….  in this case–my next book.  I don’t know about you, but I need a structure to make it happen.

 I’m developing a new project with life design coach Katie Curtin this summer.   Katie (founder of the Creativity Cafe) and I discovered that we are each writing and self-publishing our next books in the coming weeks.  So we got to thinking…why not share HOW we do this while we do it.  So we decided to work together, get our own books done and invite a select small group to join us and do the same. 

Together, we will get our books written, finished, published and ranked in their categories on Amazon Kindle.  In the process, we will take a select group of people each by the hand and walk them through getting their own book done —  step by step, with built-in accountability.

We will cover the entire process: from breaking through writer’s block, procrastination and visibility issues to FINALLY getting the book finished, to creating a great in-demand book cover and title, to putting in place the systems and strategies for self-publishing and ranking the book on Amazon.

I plan to share the structural, systems and tactical steps in the process–basically the same approach that I used to successfully self-publish Tending the Soul’s Garden  (my book was ranked in the top five permaculture books for over six months!) 

Katie will take us through what’s needed to actually get the book finished–accountability, coaching and energy healing.  If you have a book that you just cannot seem to get done, working with Katie can change all that.  

In June, Katie and I will be accepting applications and interviewing candidates for this program.  (We only want people who are serious about doing the work, and whose books offer a positive contribution).

Before we send out more details, we are looking for feedback:

1)  Do you have a book you want to write or have partially written? What’s the topic?

2) What’s the #1 reason getting in the way of you going forward with this book project?

3) Which of the following topics would be of most importance to you?

— structuring the content so it is clear to the reader (and so it will sell)

— ensuring that you write in “your voice”

— “getting it done” – writers block/procrastination

— publishing your book on Amazon

— marketing it and getting it ranked as a bestseller in its category

— how to leverage the book into other revenue and outreach opportunities

— fears about visibility and putting yourself out there

— How to promote the book in a way that suits your personality and style

We’d really love to hear from you. Just contact me and let me know what’s getting in your way, and what you’d like to know more about.