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Announcing: The Frog Doctrine

by Apr 21, 20230 comments

Dear Friends:

I’m excited to announce news that’s close to my heart. As you may know, I’ve been passionate about ecosystem restoration, climate action, sustainable living, and permaculture for quite some time. But what you may not know is that while the pandemic pushed many people online, I felt compelled to head the opposite direction.

During these past few years, I took a step back from the online world and instead devoted myself to hands-on climate and ecosystem restoration work. And now, I’m proud to say that I’ve retired from running the California Clean Energy Fund, am writing again, and am ready to share my journey and reflections more widely.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new publication on Substack – The Frog Doctrine. Here I’ll share insights, reflections, discoveries I deem share-worthy, and even some of my creative writing and more personal musings—mostly centered on ecosystem regeneration and our response to climate and ecological disruption. This is a cause that’s truly important to me, and I hope it will inspire you as well.

Gree Frog

My goal with The Frog Doctrine is to inspire and engage those who want to bring life to devastated places and create a more beautiful future. The Frog Doctrine is a labor of love–all content is and will remain free – there’s no expectation for you to contribute financially (though Substack will give you that option).

If you want to stay connected with me (and I hope that you do!), I invite you to join me on this journey of regeneration, re-imagination and re-enchantment by subscribing to The Frog Doctrine. You’ll receive my latest reflections and updates –probably once a week or so–and we can interact on on Substack too. I think you’ll find it incredibly valuable to navigate these times together.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on Substack soon.

Warmest regards,


Denise Rushing

P.S. The origin story is here: The Frog Doctrine – A Love Story.


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