Pachamama Alliance has a course entitled “the Gamechanger intensive”.  In it they share the qualities of a gamechanger in these times (Source:

1. You understand that all life is connected.
You see the human family, in all its diversity, as an integral component in the web
of creation, and you are committed to building a society that reflects and reveres
the sacred and interconnected nature of all life.

2. You stand for a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.
You stand for, and act from, an informed vision that a sustainable, just and fulfilling
future for all beings is essential urgent, and possible.

3. You recognize an evolutionary force at work.
You recognize that the evolutionary force that put the stars in motion is moving
through us and is a dynamic, self-organizing process whose grace and guidance
we can trust.

4. You appreciate that human beings are called to become “evolutionary

You realize that humanity has now become an active driver in the evolutionary
process and that the human role and responsibility now is as an evolutionary
activist, intentionally engaging with the momentum of evolution to shape the future
as it is being brought into being.

5. You inquire deeply into what it means to be human.
You understand that the collective transformation of our society requires a
completely new definition of what is possible in being human, and requires that we
inquire deeply into questions such as: “Who am I, really?” and, “What is my
relationship to the whole?”

6. You recognize systems of power and privilege.
You recognize that the social injustice and environmental exploitation in our world
are not the “natural order of things,” but rather, are the outcome of intentionally designed
systems of power and privilege.

7. You put forth a new cultural story.
You are able to discern the cultural stories that perpetuate inequity and concentrate
power and privilege, and you live from and share new stories that create the
paradigm for a just and sustainable future.

8. You are no longer “food” for the system.
Your actions and interactions move in the direction of undoing — rather than being
complicit with — the systems and structures that perpetuate an unjust,
unsustainable, unfulfilled world.

9. You take action that strikes at the root.
You seek to identify and engage in effective personal and collective actions that
strike at the root causes of the global crises, and you involve others in taking those

10. You are part of a global movement.
You experience being an integral member of a vast and growing evolutionary
movement toward a just, sustainable and thriving world.