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I Can’t Breathe

by Aug 21, 20180 comments

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This weekend Loretta and I went to visit our grandbabies. And it occurred to me that it is important to me to be able to take them outside. But here’s the thing–I can’t. Why? Because I do not want them to breathe the air that has been deemed “unhealthy” and “unsafe” –smokey air that is causing us to cough and wheeze every day.

The wildfires that rage throughout the forests in the Western U.S. have transformed trees and wildlife and homes into smoke. And this is not one or two days of smoke. These fires will last the WHOLE FREAKING SUMMER into the Autumn. We will breathe smoke until it rains in November–assuming we can count on that in this crazy year of climate catastrophe.
I ask those of you who are parents and grandparents–Is this what you wanted for your children and grandchildren? A whole summer of being cooped up inside? Breathing noxious air? And what about next summer? And the summer after that? These are the very real consequences of drought and high temps, tinder dry forests and grasslands, unstoppable fires backed by fiercer than normal tradewinds.

So, Let’s call it what it is: Global Warming.

I KNOW that Global warming CAN be reversed with solutions that exist TODAY. The data is in.
If you would rather argue with me about this fact, or share some bullshit story about how the Forest Service thinning trees will solve this, or if you want to wax philosophical about what is causing Global Warming, or demonstrate how insightful and right you are about humans and the planet being truly screwed (or not) –I really don’t want your opinion. I just don’t. This air used to be the forests I grew up with and loved… forests that I planned to share with my grandkids. These forests are on their way to being gone and my grandkids are already here–breathing them.

The time for talk has passed–so please for the love of God spare me your opinions.

If instead, you want to DO something. if you are concerned about this future for the children of all species, not just ours and are unsure where to begin, I’ve created an “activation series” here:

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