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A Watershed Moment

by Jun 30, 20220 comments

I need to acknowledge the dire political situation we now face here in the United States. A recent indicator is the fall of Roe v. Wade, but please understand that this is far bigger than one court decision. This is a watershed moment for democracy and justice in the US. We awaken to the fact that the loss of Roe is one of a cascade of nauseating decisions to come.  

Anyone who thinks this is not a dire situation needs only to look toward the decisions the court has tee’d up in its “shadow docket” and even in its open court. This court, is willing to embrace its own illegitimacy by running full speed ahead with an anti-environment and anti-democracy theocratic agenda. They are torturing the law to meet their own ends. 

They are moving quickly because they can. And why not? In doing so, they signal that they know that this is either the last time they will have a majority (if democracy holds) or they will seize power for good.

This did not happen over night, it has been decades in the making as many who have already been on the receiving end of injustice will note.

“For two decades, the GOP’s network of corporate and right-wing operatives has painstakingly fabricated the Supreme Court as its own political weapon. In short order, backed by a few billionaires, these anti-democracy zealots have incrementally been imposing on America an extremist political agenda that they could not win at the ballot box.” –Jim Hightower

I will come out and say it: the US Supreme Court has fallen to corruption and political hackery–we now have a corrupt majority on The Court. Thus, we are witnessing the rapid unraveling of all that we have worked so hard to achieve in the areas of social and political justice, environmental protection and civil democracy in our country.

What can be done?

First, recognize that this is NOT business as usual–it is a crisis moment and we must both act and urge others to act.

Second, exercise whatever individual and collective power we have left in a focused way. Vote (of course) like democracy depends on it, but know also the election integrity is being compromised quickly so we too need to move fast, in large numbers, and we must be vigilant. 

Third, urge those in power to be bold. Let’s start by addressing the Court’s corruption and overreach by rebalancing that power. Demand bold steps like eliminating the filibuster and expanding the court.  Leaders of integrity must recognize the moment and do this before it is too late.  

Finally, acknowledge that these are not easy times. We must connect and support others, take care of ourselves (sleep, nutrition and exercise). Take political action. ACTION, especially action alongside others, is the best antidote to despair. 

Especially: Do not lose heart. 

It may get worse before it gets better. Know that we are in this together.


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